Little victories: a website is live

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-13-07-18In my 10+ year sales and marketing career I have learnt to be thankful for seemingly small achievements as part of a larger scale project. The celebration of these little victories are what keeps us going on a day-to-day bases and gives us entrepreneurs the kick we need to keep going, even when times are rough.

As part of one of The stylish equestrian consulting rider personal PR projects, we have recently launched the website of Nicola Baur:

A website is one of the many elements of personal branding and social media presence we can use to help the rider gain more visibility, offer a platform to showcase work, provide background information for possible collaboration opportunities and provide fans a place to learn a little bit more about their favourite rider. The website functions as the HQ of all of the social media outlets: a place where all links can be found in one place.

Reason for the celebration of this website launch is that once communicated that it was live through targeted posts on Instagram and Facebook, the website collected over 7000 views in 1 day. A very promising start of an already amazing project. Hopefully the first of many little victories.

Are you a brand and would you like to collaborate with Nicola Baur? Get in touch!

Are you a rider and would you like to understand what is possible for you in terms of personal branding or looking for representation in partnering with brands? Get in touch!


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