Sell me this pen

horse-penRemember the famous ‘sell me this pen’ scene from the Wolf of Wallstreet? No? Watch the clip here. It’s all about the seemingly simple equation of supply and (creating) demand.

Now, how is this in any way relevant to social media influencers in the equestrian industry?

I’ve received many emails from equestrian social media influencers looking for collaborations or sponsorship deals on my ‘the stylish equestrian‘ social media platforms. Unfortunately, what many ‘hopefulls’ do not tell me when seeking partnerships is why I really need to work with them (what’s in it for me… or why I really need the pen).

A good personal PR sell contains not just a ‘product description’ of the proverbial pen (it’s blue, it lasts long, it’s pretty…) but focusses mainly on providing a solution to a business need (you need to sign a piece of paper, you don’t have a pen, I have a pen for you, buy it…).

Translated into equestrian social media speak: what makes you an interesting partner for brands to work with, is of course your profile fit, style and personal brand, but is mainly when you can provide a solution to their business needs. For example, you believe that a US based brand that you love is should be interested in expanding their business and visibility in Germany and the majority of your followers are actually from Germany. Then ‘sell’ exactly that when you get in touch with the brand: alert them to their need, for which you have the solution!

Want to know more?

Need some help on tailoring your personal sell?

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2 thoughts on “Sell me this pen

  1. EquiPepper says:

    I think that as a society, we are encouraged to be modest and polite from a young age. Because of this, it’s really hard to big yourself up and say why you are perfect for XYZ.

    I personally think quite a bit of myself (I am slightly big headed!) However, when it comes to filling out award forms for WHY I am amazing I really, really struggle. It’s not that I doubt my abilities or whether I deserve to win or not, it’s just really hard to explain why you think this way without thinking you sound like a bit of a pratt!

    Thankfully I am getting better at this and just accept that fact that I’m always going to find what I write about myself a bit cringy!

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