Customer in the spotlight: The Selection

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A Swiss start-up making the brave move into the digital world by offering  a platform for small independent Swiss designers: The Selection.

The Selection was founded in 2016 by Ingrid Cornevin to offer readers curated access to the founders core passions: shopping online, slow fashion and people.

The philosophy states that small shops and their designers have great ideas and a vast amount of fashion concepts. Adding clothes or accessories of these talented people to your apparel makes you unique and original. Small business’ marketing budgets are way smaller than the big box stores, so The Selection helps the shopper find these hidden gems.

The webzine features a variety of designers that run small businesses and sell online. The brands are carefully selected and curated by founder Ingrid Cornevin, by meeting the retailers in person and by testing their products before recommending them.

The Selection tells you the small business’ stories and what is so special about them. Many of the designers have a good cause – for example by directly supporting the family that knits your handbag or by carefully choosing sustainable organic cotton to support farmers and protect the environment.

The Stylish Equestrian Consulting is helping The Selection reach their full potential online with a business consultancy program tailor made to the start-ups individual needs.

Want to make sure your (equestrian) small business reaches it’s full potential too?



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