Flying change


Don’t change your goal, change the way you get there

It’s a given that in the start-up phase of your business you will encounter the occasional setback, challenge or difficulty along the way.

A supplier can go bankrupt, a shipment can go missing or you might have to take an unexpected break due to illness, maternity leave or shift in priorities or financials. So what do you do? Give up or find a way to change it up and make it work anyway?

Think of these challenges as being on the wrong lead in your test: do a flying change and get on with finishing your test in style. Making a mistake, having a setback or facing some adversity are all opportunities to learn and re-evaluate how to reach your goal even better than before. And sometimes, having to take a little bit more time than planned to launch that amazing new brand right is the best thing that could happen to you.

Yes, setbacks can be scary and sometimes demotivating and therefore you might have to ask for some help to make that flying change work for you, but in the end, you should never change your goal (launching your business, brand or service), you just might have to add in a flying change or two to get there.

Need help getting through a tough time in your business?




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