A life with horses

One of my favorite projects this year has been working with fellow entrepreneur, equestrian lifestyle blogger, journalist, mom, and friend Jeanette Aretz. She has built up an incredibly loyal group of followers of blog as well as her Facebook and Instagram account by writing about a wide variety of equestrian topics in her “straight to the point with a touch of humor” kind of style.

One of the biggest questions that always pops up when working with riders as well as bloggers is how to actually start making a little bit of money out of all the hard work that has been put into creating a blog and community online.

In the case of A life with horses, Jeanette had already offered an equestrian lifestyle advent calendar last year, but this year wanted to step it up a notch and make sure that everyone that enjoys her blog would also be able to purchase her very personal and picture-perfect product.

We worked together on a tailor-made Go-to-Market strategy specifically suiting her style, audience, and resources and … so far so good!



Want to know more about how to turn your equestrian lifestyle social media platforms into a source of revenue?



Brand coaching + visibility​: a winning​ team

EQ Athletica Product review 3I’ve had the pleasure over the past few months to work with a young entrepreneur to start up a new line of technical riding breeches: EQ Athletica. Manon Schuten, the founder, is the visionary behind the brand, the designer and the one with the drive to launch an innovative new product into a difficult and saturated market.

I’m incredibly proud to say that this week the brand has gone live and is ready to sell via their online shop thanks to an intensive coaching process including the definition of the brand story, the USP, defining the communication strategy and determining a long-term growth strategy.

One of the benefits of working with The stylish equestrian consulting as your brand growth partner is that we can offer not only tailor-made start-up coaching or brand re-positioning, but also immediately offer a platform for visibility to a targeted equestrian audience by leveraging The stylish equestrian social media (Instagram, Facebook and blog): Brand coaching + visibility: a winning team

Go have a look at the latest product review for EQ Athletica’s first line of technical breeches and get in touch if this could be an option to help boost your brands’ awareness and visibility.