Discovering the digital horse world​

Binary horse


Last week I had the pleasure to work with on during a ‘light’ tailor-made branding workshop and communication plan brainstorm.

When I got to know the founder of, Henrike Klein, she sparked an interest in me to understand more about search platforms and if there was an equivalent of what has to offer in the equestrian marketplace. The answer at the moment is… Not really. is in that sense a pioneer in a quite traditional market.

This raises a few more questions: is the horse world just not digi-suitable or are we just a bit slow to hop onto the digital train? I think we equestrians are just a bit slow. There are still huge leaps and bounds that can be made in making equestrian products available online, not only via search platforms like but also in terms of social media presence, branding and innovative marketing solutions.

What makes a platform like so unique, is that it not only offer the search platform and shopping capabilities that we are familiar with in an Amazon or eBay, it also offers a very specific search capability in a saturated yet targeted product group, a place for large brands to showcase their portfolio as well as a springboard for small brands to enter the European market risk free.

Has this post raised some questions in you too? Would you like to work with a search platform like or just understand how better to navigate the digital world with your brand?




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