Customer in the spotlight: Malatopia

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 15.32.42.png

Swiss made, authentic, bespoke, inspired by nature and available online: a unique point of view towards the Yoga lifestyle inspired jewellery called Mala’s.

Malatopia has a range of 108 bead malas and a small selection of bracelets designed and created in Zürich, Switzerland. Each mala is created with loving care using quality materials from around the Globe. Malas and bracelets can be made to order according to your choice of style, colour, materials and intention. Whether you’re a dedicated yogini, mindfully meditating or simply enjoy the beauty of the beads we have malas to suit every occasion on and off the yoga mat.

The founder, Rachel Sundström, has been a dedicated yogini for over seventeen years and draws her inspiration from yoga, meditation and the surrounding Swiss nature.  Rachel continues to share her love of yoga through teaching from her beautiful yoga studio situated up on a hill overlooking the Zurich lakeside, and when she is not on the yoga mat she is tapping into her creative spirit.

The Stylish Equestrian Consulting is helping Malatopia reach their full potential online and prepare for future growth with a business consultancy program tailor made to the business’ individual needs.

Want to make sure your (equestrian) small business reaches it’s full potential too?




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